Startbahn Berlin

Cococo / Dance Floor Research

Mai 16 2023
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm


STARTBAHN - Genezarethkirche
Herrfurthplatz 14, 12049 Berlin, Deutschland

We invite you to our last session before we go on a couple of months summer break. Looking forward to exploring new realms of music and movement together! 

Dance Session – Our core crew will be leading you into movement research and beyond: Tanja on movement guidance and Eitan on music selection…

Carpet Teatime – Following the dance session we will have a cozy hangout on the church’s huge round carpet, with lots of space and time for stretching our bodies and our souls. Tea, snacks and pillows will be on hand too… 

Cococo – A guided dance improvisation session co-created by:

Dancers – You

A Dj – Eighty

A Movement Guide – Tanja Saban


20:00 – Gathering

20:15 – Dance Session 

21:30 – Carpet Teatime – stretch, roll and hangout

23:00 – Goodbyes

It is open for people of any age, gender and body type, with no need for prior dance experience. We welcome every person who wishes to immerse in the joy of dancing

Bring your dancing shoes!


There are three price levels – 14/18/22 – sold only online, first come first served. If you want to participate and can’t afford the prices on hand please contact us via Instagram and we’ll figure something out.

No option to purchase tickets at the door!

Cococo – what do we do?

In the beginning of the session the Movement Guide navigates the Dancers into researching the moving body, enabling improvisation within boundaries that constantly morph. Through verbal metaphors presented by the Movement Guide, the Dancers are encouraged to connect to sensations and to play with and enjoy a range of different physical states. Gradually the guidance fades, to allow the movement framework and the momentum of the group to grow with the aim of finding new ways to connect to groove and to the dancing body.

With no obligation to entertain, the DJ’s are free to expand the diversity of their selections to non-conventional rhythms and experiments in sound, using club music and “the club experience” as a reference point from which many different paths can be chosen.

We’re looking forward to a fluent exchange between all partakers!


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