Startbahn Berlin

KAVALL – Spatial Guitar & Andy Aquarius

Mai 17 2023
7:15 pm - 11:00 pm


STARTBAHN - Genezarethkirche
Herrfurthplatz 14, 12049 Berlin, Deutschland

Kavall’s immersive concert format Spatial Guitar invites the listener into the center of his music. It expands the electric guitar into a spatially playable instrument that surrounds the audience and enables a new form of spatially choreographed music for solo guitar. Compositions of spatially arranged tone sequences, circulating patterns and moving textures fill the space, while moments of melodic minimalism and spatially distributed chord voices allow you to be amidst the very elements that momentarily become the music.

Set within a hexagon of speakers and audio-reactive lights, Spatial Guitar combines the immersive experience of an audiovisual installation with the dynamic performance of a live concert.


Andy Aquarius is a sonic alchemist and devotee of mystical folklore.

Being a multi-instrumentalist and exploring a wide range of genres, he laid out the path ahead with his debut album ‚Chapel‘, which only features his Celtic harp and voice. The record takes you on a ‚transcendental journey through the outer realms of ambient, classical, new age, and folk music.‘ (-Alex Ruder, Hush Hush/KEXP). Andy’s live performances are of a peaceful simplicity and thick atmosphere, putting all the intent towards a sincere delivery of his bucolic canticles and meandering instrumentals.

There is free seating so make sure to come early. There will be a carpet so you can make yourselves comfortable in the middle of the hexagon of speakers. Additionally, we will provide chairs and floor cushions.

There will be a small selection of drinks, but you can also bring your own drinks.

The location is at ground level and accessible without steps. An accessible bathroom is available.

There will be a carpet so you can make yourselfs comfortable in the middle of the hexagon of speakers. However, we we will provide enough chairs and help you place them at your preferred location.

Access to the gallery is unfortunatly only possible via a staircase.

Trigger warning:

The concert will contain passages of amplified music and audio-reactive flashing lights.

Please, get in touch if you have any questions regarding accessibilty.


If you really want to see this performance, but truely cannot afford to buy a ticket, please get in touch.

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