Startbahn Berlin

liminal presented by the Ambient Collective

Okt 20 - 21 2023
4:00 pm - 1:00 am


STARTBAHN - Genezarethkirche
Herrfurthplatz 14, 12049 Berlin, Deutschland


Abigail Toll (live)

Ameeva (live)


Liquid Brain Orchestra (band)

Noa (harp)


‘liminal’ is an ambient music and experimental art event celebrating the power of sound to connect people to their deepest selves, each other and the world around them. We also aim to inspire the innate creativity that exists in each one of us through our creative area where tables and pens are provided for peaceful drawing as well as a curated art gallery space exhibiting contemporary local artists. We are community builders at the core and provide a very necessary slow space where people can forge connections in contrast to the overwhelming fast Berlin nightlife.

The collective is lovingly run by a team of 9 members from diverse backgrounds who have a passion for ambient music and getting people together.

Vegan food will be provided by Chef Lars, as well as specialty loose drinks and white wine and beer at the bar. There will be a carpet to lay on in the middle of the church and listen to the music. There will also be one art installation by EDGE art and neuroscience  and one 60x60cm sculpture by Elisa Leevke behind the altar.


Entrance is sliding scale from 15- 20€ to 10 after 10pm

Only Cash or Paypal at the door!



There will be saturated lights and colours, as well as projections which might be overwhelming for people with epilepsy or light sensitivity issues.


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