Startbahn Berlin

Psychedelic Breath with Kim Gerlach

Nov 07 2023
6:45 pm - 9:00 pm


STARTBAHN - Genezarethkirche
Herrfurthplatz 14, 12049 Berlin, Deutschland


Through the art of breathing consciously, psychedelic breathing supports our exploration of non-ordinary states of consciousness and invites us to look within to find our own wisdom – without requiring mind-altering substances.From a scientific perspective, this kind of breathwork supports your resilience via strengthening the autonomous nervous system. It also has several other beneficial effects on the physical, neurological, psychological, and emotional levels.

About Kim Gerlach:

Kim Gerlach (she/her) is a German-Filipina scent practitioner and breathwork teacher. Her olfactive work is focused on the cultivation of presence and the creation of new pathways our bodies and minds can follow to heal. She seeks to expand the medium by building and resolving the tension between the familiar and the unknown. She addresses the topics of finding intuition and inner guidance, multiculturalism, and the power

About this session:

Let Kim Gerlach guide you through a deep 90-minute breathwork experience often described as transformative and awakening. The breathing journey will be supported by scent and electronic music. The location, Startbahn, a church in the middle of Neukölln, provides an amazing sound system and ambiance.


PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® is a powerful breathwork practice that is not recommended for the following conditions: pregnancy, epilepsy, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, high inner eye pressure, detached retina, clinical anxiety or panic attacks, psychosis, a history of stroke, recent surgery (wounds, broken bones still healing).

If you’re in doubt, please reach out to Kim for a quick consultation.

Tickets: Ranging from 22€ – 30€

Language: English, if required ASL can be included: Email Kim (

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