Startbahn Berlin

Startbahn Berlin – We are a team of theologians and artists who work together to test the church as a public space.
Projects can take off and ideas can land on the runway. We open up the space for artistic and spiritual experiences, as well as for social and socio-political projects.
Together, we promote self-organised coexistence in the neighbourhood and create cultural and spiritual spaces. The Startbahn is an alternative meeting place.
We are part of the Protestant Church, but we do not expect those involved to belong to a church. We expect people to treat each other with respect.

The Startbahn is a project of the Neukölln Protestant Church District in cooperation with the Tempelhof Schöneberg Church District.

PioNEAR The Pio_near project develops new formats for and with young postmodern Berliners and artists, creating spaces for transcendental openness.

Segens Büro The Berlin Blessing Office provides counselling for baptisms, weddings and funerals and is available to all those seeking a blessing with its wide range of services.

Here you will find what is helpful and energising on your spiritual quest.

Diakoniewerk Simeon
Diaconia is the social action of the Protestant Church. Diakoniewerk Simeon is a social, non-profit organisation that supports and advocates for those in need. More than 1,400 employees work for and with people in the following areas under the umbrella of Diakoniewerk Simeon at almost 90 locations in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Theologie der Stadt
In the city, you are part of something bigger that you can never quite grasp. Faith is no different. A theology of the city approaches both phenomena.

Kirchenkreis Neukölln
As different as the church in the Neukölln church district may be, it is lively and welcoming everywhere.

Kirchenkreis Tempelhof-Schöneberg
Fifteen parishes belong to the Tempelhof-Schöneberg church district. You can find all the programmes here.

Kirchengemeinde Martin Luther
We are the Martin-Luther-Genezareth Protestant parish in the beautiful north of Berlin-Neukölln. Here we invite you to church services and prayer, to coffee and music, to get to know us, to browse and much more.

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