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We are an innovative project of the Protestant Church. Our vision is to make churches a vibrant centre in the neighbourhood again, offering a space for people of all genders, nationalities, sexual orientations and beliefs.

We believe in an inclusive and open community where you are welcome, regardless of your background or life situation. Our church is a place of encounter, exchange and mutual support. We see ourselves as a platform that offers a safe space for spiritual experiences, social engagement and personal growth.

We want to break up traditional church structures and find new ways in which the church can be relevant and appealing for today’s world. In doing so, we focus on creative formats, contemporary content and an open, dialogue-oriented atmosphere.

We want to be with you:

  • Strengthen cohesion
  • Help shape the neighbourhood
  • celebrate wild parties
  • Make friends
  • Experience cultural highlights
  • Share spiritual moments
  • contribute your ideas
  • aktuelle Themen diskutieren

The Startbahn/Genezarethkirche is also an event location that you can hire for your event. We also rent out commercially to finance our house and projects worthy of support. You can find more information under ‘Booking’. We stand for diversity and democracy and reject all forms of misanthropy, anti-Semitism and racism. We cordially invite you to become part of our community and join us in shaping the church of the future. Find out more about our events, projects and opportunities to get involved on our website. We look forward to getting to know you and breaking new ground with you! At the Genezareth Church you will also find the Blessing Office, Spirit & Soul and the Genezareth Intercultural Centre (IZG)